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This is a demo of our upcoming game Ray Bibbia. It's a mix between a bullet hell and a typing game. You play as Ray Bibbia, the toughest private exorcist around and you must defeat evil in various shapes by dodging tons of bullets while typing the formula at the same time. In this demo you can try the first two bosses and an advanced one. We have added online leaderboards for this demo, any feedback is really appreciated, hope you enjoy playing Ray Bibbia as we do making it.

Arrow keys to move.
Type the words on the keyboard to exorcise


RayBibbiaDemo v0.1.1 17 MB
RayBibbiaDemo v0.1.1 17 MB

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I really liked this game and I honestly hope to see more typing based games like this arise in the future. It was a fun game and cool potential for type testing or just learning to type :)

I did a lets play as well if anyone is curious: