Ray Bibbia Official Demo <3

Hi everyone! One year ago I've opened a page here with a prototype made at the Global Game Jam. After a few months we decided we would make it a full game from scratch. Now we have released a free demo with three boss fights. Ray Bibbia is a hardcore mix between a Bullet Hell and a Typing Game.  As you can see you have to dodge bullets and type the formula at the same time to exorcise Evil in various shapes. Between Boss Fights there are some investigative parts where Ray has to discover the next location of his quest and the story unveils. 
The game will feature 10 boss fights, a unique story, another 10 boss fights, lots of irony, trinkets, curses, lots of typing  and tons of bullets. 

We are working to release this game by Q4 2017 for Win, Mac and Linux. If you want to give it a try and leave us some feedback that would be really appreciated. Hope you enjoy playing this game like we do making it. 



Ray Bibbia Demo 17 MB
Jun 20, 2017

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