Updates and Mac version

**Mac users: if you are having problems running the game try to unzip the archive and drag the app in the Applications folder.**

Hi Everyone!

We have made some updates and released a Mac version of our demo. We had some struggle with shaders but it looks as stable as the win version now. If any user finds any strange looking glitch just let us know and we’ll take care of it asap! Really happy to release this new version, keep giving us your feedbacks, time to get back to development!


  • Improved Bible behavior when dropped
  • Fixed the issue causing the Bible to get stuck under the enemy
  • Adjusted volume for some sound effects
  • Added a confirm pop up window to prevent quitting the game unintentionally


RayBibbiaDemo v0.1.1 17 MB
Jul 14, 2017
RayBibbiaDemo v0.1.1 17 MB
Jul 14, 2017


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I just want to know how to download it

How can i download it?