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Nice very nice!!! I like the text fonts a lot, did you do them yourself or downloaded somewhere?

bought it on steam. ultra nice game


How can I download it?


its really good..... We need more like this

I cant finish the last boss on my own but its really fun and challenging

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This was one of the better games I've played on PC. The concept is very interesting, and I've never seen anything like it. It was a little difficult towards the end, but I highly recommend it.

Amazing game. the controls a very good and and the mechanics are really cool. i love the graphic design and found it quite addicting. can't wait to see more.

I really liked this game and I honestly hope to see more typing based games like this arise in the future. It was a fun game and cool potential for type testing or just learning to type :)

I did a lets play as well if anyone is curious: